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Tag: slurry pump repair

A Guide to Slurry Pumps and Parts

Slurries can be found in many industries including food, dairy, and beverage processing. Slurries have properties that combine liquids and solids. Therefore, it is important to consider the specific requirements when choosing the right size and type of slurry pumps and parts to be used with them.

There are many types of pumps that can be used to pump slurries, as we will see. Before we can choose the right technology, check out here a few important things that we need to consider. 

The nature and size of the liquid solids: These factors will determine how much wear the pump and its components will experience and whether the solids will be able to pass through the pump unaffected.

The speed and shear of centrifugal pumps can cause damage to the slurry/solids. Twin-screw pumps are the best for reducing solids in a liquid slurry.

The corrosiveness and speed of the liquid or slurry mix will determine the materials from which the pump is made.

Slurry pumps are usually larger than standard pumps and have more horsepower. They also come with more robust bearings and shafts. The centrifugal pump is the most popular type of slurry pump. This pump uses a rotating impeller to move the slurry. It is similar to how water-like liquid would move through a centrifugal pump.