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Tag: silica plant nutrient

What Do You Know About Greenland’s Natural Fertilizer Effects

Greensand is a natural fertilizer that keeps moisture in the soil. Greensand, a natural silicate with natural fertilizer effects, is almost like a glass. It is sprinkled over gardens to rebuild the soil's structure so that it retains more moisture. 

This sand is natural and contains over 30 trace elements, including manganese and iron oxide. It can also be used in gardens to sprinkle around trees, shrubs, and lawns. If you are looking for organic fertilizer then it is a good option to purchase silica compost at affordable prices.

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Greensand is safe to use around animals, people, and pets. You can immediately use your lawn for recreation, unlike chemical fertilizers. Greensand does not contain an insoluble nitrogen product, so it can be applied directly with your fingers. 

It won't harm your plants or skin like a nitrate soil conditioner. Greensand retains moisture because every grain is coated with naturally occurring manganese oxide. The soil absorbs the minerals from the water through the coating.  

The particles act as a filter to keep the water in its place. It is one of the best water retention methods for soil today. It can also be used to restore the water retention capabilities of soils that have been damaged by nitrogen.