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Several ways to reduce or eliminate pain in dentistry :

Here are some tips:

1. Ask your dentist about options for pain relief. Some dentists offer medications that help to reduce pain and inflammation. Others may use techniques such as numbing cream or an anesthetic injection to help make dental care more comfortable.

2. Make sure you are properly hydrated before your Pain-free Dentistry   appointment. Dry mouth can increase your feelings of pain. Drink plenty of water before your visit and drink even more during treatment.

3. Wear comfortable clothing that doesn't constrict your movements. Loose-fitting clothes will allow your dentist more room to work and provide better comfort for you.

4. Try not to move around too much during your appointment. If you are in a chair, move as little as possible. Move only when necessary to help the dentist complete your treatment.

5. Keep your mouth closed as much as possible during treatments, especially during gum care procedures such as tooth extraction and scaling.

6. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before or after dental appointments; this may increase your pain, even if it doesn't affect others who also drink alcohol.

7 Don't smoke in the dentist's office. Smoking can make you more anxious and uncomfortable, and it greatly increases your chance of developing chronic oral health problems later in life.

8. Make sure you know that dental work will not be done on an empty stomach, especially at the dentist's office if you have to lie down for the procedure.