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Onboarding Practices Every Company Should Adhere

Just as eager as an employee is (and under a bit of pressure) to do their best on day one, companies are also putting pressure on newcomers to show they are happy to have them on board. An interesting exercise on board is a necessity for an hour. 

Attractive and effective greetings from new employees ensure a strong and long-term bond between new members and the organization. You have to realize that automated onboarding tools make the recruiting process very easy. It saves time and energy to find the right employee for your organization. 

However, there is one thing that is much more difficult than recruiting and retaining employees. Surprisingly, more than 50% of employees leave their company voluntarily within the first few months of their employment, according to a survey conducted. 

One of the reasons for such poor statistics is errors or lack of embedding practices. Board practices are designed to encourage new employees to adapt quickly and smoothly to the professional and social aspects of the organization.

When hiring managers begin the hiring process, their work continues with on-board assignments followed by retention practices. They know the importance of boards very well because they understand its benefits. After all, the first impression is the last impression!