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What Golf Accessories Do You Need As a Beginner In Melbourne?

The fact is golf is one of the most exciting sports in the world. It is relaxing and attractive at the same time. It's also considered addicting. You'll want to have the best possible experience from the start.

To do this, you need the right golf accessories. Golf simulator is one of teh most important accessories in Melbourne. You can also get more information about golf accessories at Find out what this is by checking out the categories below.

Effective performance

Besides a good hitter, you need a reliable t-shirt. This golf accessory is responsible for keeping the ball in position when you hit it. You will need tees of different heights for the different clubs you play in. You need to think about plastic items.

They are less expensive than their wooden counterparts traditionally used by professionals and advanced golfers.

You should definitely get nails for your golf shoes. In this way, you enjoy greater stability and a corresponding increase in productivity. In addition, the shoes last longer. As a beginner, consider the 3-tooth plastic model, although the six-tooth model is also a good choice.

You also need to get ball marks. It is a pen with a flat head and a color that is large enough to indicate the position of the ball without affecting the play of other golfers. T-shirts should not be used as a substitute for markers.

Personal golf accessories

As well as a pair of golf shoes and breathable tight gloves, you should also bring a hat and goggles. This way you get the best protection for your eyes on lots of sunshine days. Also, you make sure that the sun doesn't affect your accuracy.