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Tag: Commercial Security Services

Popular Types Of Commercial Security Systems

To protect your employees and your business, you must have a number of security systems in place. Security systems should increase the security of your employees and help prevent theft.

You can navigate here to hire the best security company. Here are two most popular retail security systems to use at your place of business and also explains how to find and select a security retailer in your area.

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CCTV: CCTV refers to closed circuit television. It is a system that uses security cameras to capture and record videos of what is happening in a certain area. They can be found both outside and inside the property. 

You can connect video surveillance footage to a control room where security personnel can continuously monitor what is happening in and around the property. Records are also recorded and can be reviewed at a later date if they are to be verified or used as evidence.

Access system: The access system is designed for use at the entrance to the property or in front of certain rooms or elevators in the company. This is a system that requires an access card or a special code to gain access. The access system can check guests to make sure they are allowed access to the property.

There are also advanced systems that can only be achieved through iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, or facial recognition. The entry system also gives you a record of who entered the building and when.