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Tag: Brake Pad Service

Need to Pay Regular Attention to Brake Pads in Your Car Brake System

Disc Brakes are undoubtedly more powerful than drum brakes, but it doesn't mean that they will offer uninterrupted support for many years together and are lifetime guaranteed.

In contrast to this fairytale belief, the rotors as well as the brake pads comprising in a Disc Brake are exposed to a great quantity of wear and tear and therefore ought to be serviced or replaced in regular intervals.

The matter is much more relevant now since most modern cars feature disk brakes for front wheels and proper brake pads replacement.

Brake Pad description and forms

Basically, a set of brake pads set on an automobile's disk system slows down or stops its motion in the manner outlined previously in this article.

But, it might prove useful if the prior version is replicated. As you step in your car's brake pedal, pressurized hydraulic brake fluid stands out into the caliper pistons, forcing the brake pad friction material to squeeze against the disk or the rotor.

>> Non-metallic Brake Pads which are created by an amalgamation of numerous synthetic substances are effective for a limited time. But they're mild on rotors.

>> Completely metallic Brake Pads which are made from sintered steel are considerably stronger but are very difficult on rotors. Nonetheless, these are ideally suited to the need for racing automobiles.