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Varieties Of Soy Sauce

Varieties Of Soy Sauce

There are many varieties of soy sauce available online today. The ingredients, the process used to make the sauce, and the location where it was made will determine the varieties.

  • Citrus soy sauce (or Shiro Shoyu) is a traditional Japanese sauce that's dark in color. citrus shoyu 14 is tangy in taste and popular among chefs who want to add umami flavor to dishes. 

  • Light soy sauce refers to the thin, brown liquid. It is also known as regular soy sauce in the United States. This is the most common type of soy sauce you will find at Chinese restaurants or in small takeout containers. It's a great condiment and seasoning and is traditionally used to make sushi. It is more commonly used in Chinese cooking than dark soy. If dark is required, you should always use light soy.

  • Dark soy sauce has been aged for a longer time, is thicker, and is darker in color. After the brewing process has ended, the sauce has been thickened slightly with molasses and caramel. This gives it a more complex, sweeter flavor. It is also less salty than light soy sauce.

  • Low-sodium soy sauce is a good choice for people who are trying to reduce their salt intake. Salt acts as an antimicrobial and important component of soy sauce production. Low-sodium soy sauces are usually made with the acid-hydrolyzed vegetable proteins method. This method does not use bacterial or fungal cultures and requires less salt.