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Tips To Buy And Install Solar Pool Covers In The USA

Tips To Buy And Install Solar Pool Covers In The USA

Solar covers help to increase the temperature of the pool water. They reduce, in fact almost eliminate, heat loss from evaporation. They help to retain heat in the swimming pool. They help to reduce dirt and debris contamination of the water. To get the most of these benefits, it is important that a cover fits the pool well. If you want to buy the best solar cover reel navigate to

To be most effective they need to lie flat on the water, without any exposed areas or curling up the wall. This will allow the greatest amount of solar energy to heat the water. If any water is left exposed then the benefits are greatly reduced, allowing greater evaporation and less heat gain.

It is important therefore that the starting point is accurate measurements. Measurements should be taken at the water level and between the pool walls. For basic shapes, such as round, rectangular or pools with roman ends, the finished product can then be tailored exactly to match your pool. 

When you install your cover, it should be placed flat across the pool with the bubbles underneath. Try to smooth out any wrinkles as you go, although due to the nature of the material, this may take a couple of weeks.