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Tips: How Can You Really Enjoy Moving In The Winter?

Tips: How Can You Really Enjoy Moving In The Winter?

Prepare Both Homes to Receive Movers

The best way to streamline your move in the winter is to prepare the houses. On one end, you want all your boxes ready, a heavy-duty doormat at the door, and an idea of the items you want loaded last (to unpack first).

Before the truck arrives at the new house, have the utilities turned on, the heater running, and be ready with towels and dropcloths if the weather is poor. This ensures that you and your professional movers for home removals in Sydney can warm up indoors while bringing in boxes and furniture. 

You may also want to fire up a pot of tea or hot cocoa to keep warm depending on the outside temperature and how bitingly cold the wind is on trips to the truck.

Take Time for a Leisurely Car Trip

Finally, get yourself to the new house at a leisurely pace. Never rush on icy roads and pay attention to your personal health on the road trip. Make sure you don't get too tired or dehydrated. 

Take plenty of breaks to stop at a restaurant, walk around, or grab a hotel room. You can plan every step ahead of time or use your GPS along the way to enjoy the slow and careful trip over winter roads to your new house. 

If the trip is short, you can spend this time ferrying personal items from the move. If the trip is long and one-way, be sure to stay weather aware so that you don’t get stuck somewhere on the road.