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Difference Between Web Net Conference And Virtual Conference

Web conferencing is becoming increasingly popular in business, but many people still fail to see the difference between web conferencing and video conferencing.

What is a web conference (also known as a webinar)? – The most basic types available include moderators and groups of people who can be anywhere in the world.

Virtual conference is very much the same as live streaming that takes place over the internet using integrated audio and video.

Difference Between Web Net Conference And Virtual Conference

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They can communicate on the telephone line and see what's going on on their computer screen. The minimum requirements for web conferencing are a standard telephone (mobile or landline), a basic Internet connection (dial-in sufficient) and a browser. 

Some Benefits of Web Net Conferencing

– All you need is a browser, no special equipment or software, and no Internet connection.

– Some firewall issues.

– Usually cheap and reliable due to less equipment.

– Many people feel uncomfortable or afraid in front of the camera. It will be removed and they can leave their experience to speak for them.

– Can be done from any place.

Video conferencing creates virtual conferences where attendees can view more complex systems and presenters with each other.

Minimum requirements include a webcam or camcorder, a fast network connection, and specialized hardware and software. 

Some advantages of video conferencing

– In real time via live video transmission.

– Useful for visual learners and for those who read, understand or use body language for their benefit.

– Participants may feel more involved.

Web conferencing and video conferencing both have their advantages and applications in business today. Given the budget, ease of use, and the fact that it can be done from anywhere in no time with minimal setup, most choose web conferencing for their needs.