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Tag: TV mounting

What’s Involved In Mounting Your Plasma TV Or LCD TV?

There is no doubt that if you have purchased or are considering a plasma or LCD flat-screen TV, you have already thought about mounting it on the wall. Many people first place their plasma or LCD television on a stand for later installation.

Why would you want to mount the TV on the wall? Apart from being very good looking, it saves a lot of space in your room. You can also get the best tv mounting services through

The first step is determining where you will mount your TV. Of course, this will be determined by the design of the room, but you should decide a few things before proceeding.

You must analyze things like where the viewing seating will be if you'd like to be able to watch the TV from different places in the room or just a center seating section.

What type of light do you have in the room, what's there on the wall where you'd like to mount it, and where the rest of your equipment will be are some other major concerns of TV mounting.

Now that you have determined the viewing area, you are free to decide which wall to place the TV on so that everyone can see the TV comfortably.

Ideally, the TV should not be set too high as it will be uncomfortable to view if you have to tilt your head to watch TV. You need to balance it with your bedroom aesthetic and you may be willing to make some sacrifices.