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The Best Wedding – Dream Destinations

What is a Destination Wedding and what are the recommendations for great locations? Trying to decide where to have your upcoming wedding? Instead of the typical church wedding, think of saying "I Do" on a beautiful beach, on a magnificent mountain.

You can plan your marriage cruise in Playa Del Carmen at one of the beautiful and magnificent destinations that take all the hassle out of the journey.



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Destination weddings are becoming more popular because most importantly, they are less stressful. Most of the details are taken care of through the resort where you choose to stay. It can add an exotic twist to your ceremony.

Remember, it's your wedding, you can choose any destination and it can be anything you want. There is a wedding planner to fit any budget. 

Make sure you plan with your guests. Start booking early and give your guests plenty of notice. Compare the rates individually and as a group to see which rate is better. 

All-inclusive properties or any resort offering wedding ceremonies usually offer their services free or at a minimal charge. 

Typical inclusions are

1. Wedding officiator

2. License

3. The spot for the ceremony

4. Wedding cake

5. Bouquet and boutonniere

6. Several photographs

Many resorts in the top honeymoon spots have hired onside wedding planners. Destination Weddings can be anywhere and anything you have ever dreamed of and your family and friends can enjoy that dream with you. Don't just dream it, do it!