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Guidelines To Choosing A Sound System

People have a tendency to opt for a sound system or more commonly known as a public address (PA) system that is not suited to its intended use. The following are some guidelines on how to choose the correct system.

First, determine the particular use of the public address system as well as where it will be used. Exterior doors need different specifications than interior doors. And the requirement of a preacher is not the same as that of a band.

If you deduce that this sound system will only be used for speeches such as public assemblies and other types of gatherings and gatherings, then the cheapest system you could use would be horn-type speakers. 200 to 300 watts of this type of sound system would be enough for thousands of people in an area of about two football fields. If you are looking for holiday lighting in Milwaukee, you may visit

But if the speech is going to be paired with some music then you will have to opt for speakers as the music played through the horn speakers would sound like it came out of a can, the general rule of thumb would be about 1 or 2 watts per person present. That should be enough for general talk and some background music, like rallies and the like.

For a higher-powered system, it gets quite tricky with the acoustics of the place it is served. If it's going to be a concert with a band or some pop music for a large audience, the starting level would be 800 watts and that would go up from 1000 to 2000 watts with an additional 2 watts per person when 250 heads are exceeded. 

For example, the assist would be about 750 heads, so 2000 watts should be enough for many tasks. But that does not mean that it is the maximum power available, some systems, especially outdoors, will easily reach 10,000 watts or more per thousand heads.