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Tag: ozone water treatment

The Use of Ozone For Spa Cleansing

Ideas for a spa are full of promises of relaxation and pampering. He called for an image of peaceful rejuvenation, a peaceful method for new beginnings, and a haven. When bacteria or viruses cause contaminants to build up in the spa, these images disappear instantly. If you have your hot tub or spa, consider the benefits of installing an ozone generator for spa treatments:

Combine forces

Some spa users increase the efficiency of their cleaning method by combining the use of an ozone generator with chlorine. So, you can contact Nebula Ozone for the ozone generator process for sanitization. This combination increases the effectiveness of the two methods. 

Ozone continuously releases chlorine that has combined with bromine, essentially allowing the chlorine to be reused and reused. This significantly reduces the amount of chlorine needed to clear algae build-up. When treatment with ozone and chlorine is combined, the quality of water is much better than if only one of the two was used.

Good for the environment

There are some questions about whether using an ozone generator is good for the environment. Fortunately, this cleaning method is much safer for the environment than chemicals like chlorine. Excess ozone quickly returns to an oxygen state. For your safety, use a generator recommended by the manufacturer.

The new spa, an old spa

Most of the new rooms today are designed to accommodate an ozone generator for spa use. Some spas are now equipped with injectors for added convenience. This is good news for new spa owners, but what about users who own old spas? Fortunately, there are many options for setting up ozone, so there's a good chance that a match for this system is available.