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How to Choose the Best Photographer For Your Child In Orange Country

The first thing your child photographer needs to do is meet with you and your child before your portrait session. They should meet with you the day before the actual session to meet with you and your child and discuss ideas for personalizing your session. 

In this “design consultation” your professional orange county photographer will get down to your child's level and get to know them so that on the day of the session your child will not be completely unfamiliar with the photographer, which will make the session much smoother and much more successful. Your photographer should do this design consultation for you at no additional cost.

The second thing your photographer needs to do is do a session on location instead of in a boring studio at no extra cost. This is very important to make your session successful. You should be able to choose a special place for you or your child, an environment in which your child feels comfortable. 

The third thing your photographer needs to do is be flexible. As a parent, you know that perfectly healthy children can get sick for whatever reason on important occasions like Christmas, birthdays, or the day you schedule their portrait session. Your photographer should understand this and allow you to reschedule the session at no additional cost. This also applies to other unforeseen issues that may arise.

The last and most important thing to make sure your photographer does is to make sure you enjoy your portraits. Many photographers say that satisfaction is guaranteed, "but that's not good enough.