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LED Macro Ring Light for Macro Photography

The perfect light source for close-up shots, particularly in the dental, jewelry, forensic, scientific, macro photography, and other macro pictures racquet performing especially well. It may be set up from the camera hot shoe, utilized as eye lighting. You can also buy ring light with a phone holder via Spectrum Aurora.

With higher performance CPU control circuits, accurate control of the energy output can allow your photography to comfier.

The Key features relating to this Godox Macro ring flash

(1) 6 x Adapter Rings Included! (49mm/52mm/55mm/ / 58mm/62mm/67mm)

(2) Specially designed ring shape is Ideal for Macro photography (close-up)

(3) This light includes a double-duty power source design which Permits You to use 2 x AA batteries or DC power

(4) This light device provides constant lighting (not flashing); the constant lighting allows you to manage vulnerability readily

(5) Accepts external power package to optimize the recycling period and improve Display capability

(6) With rapid charge gap and PC synchronization gap; together with the sync cable to attach the camera to achieve a synchronous shutter

(7) Additionally It's Fantastic for portrait photography

This light unit gives constant lighting (not flashing) and its low temperature even with always because the LEDs are reduced temperature luminary. The constant lighting also allows you to easy to take care of vulnerability and enables more effective illumination of the topic during macro shooting