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Tag: industrial powder coating systems

Different Types of Industrial Oven for Baking, Drying, and Curing

When investing in an industrial furnace, you need to understand how the machine works and the differences between the types of models. These devices are mainly used for various industrial applications, such as baking, hardening and drying of finished products or components.

Before deciding on an industrial oven, you need to learn more about different ovens. You can look for the best paint curing oven online.

 Batch oven: This industrial machine is ideal for hardening, drying, annealing, aging and forming part groups. It is suitable for different wall thicknesses, interiors and building materials.

Continuous conveyor or furnace: This type of furnace is used for both automatic technology lines and mass production. Many industrial plants use these machines to make or develop many materials or products at the same time.

Gas furnace: Industrial plants are considered more efficient than electric furnaces. This saves natural gas and is very beneficial for long term use.

Curing oven: This oven is mainly used for pickling. This means changing the hardness or texture of the product in question. This type of furnace is also widely used for the manufacture of powder coating and ceramics.

Drying oven: The purpose of this oven is to use heat to remove moisture from the object. This type of industrial furnace is widely used for paint drying, drying products, and ceramic hardening.

Your choice of industrial stove will depend largely on your operations and your company's requirements. Select the industrial stove that is most suitable for your company and know the type of stove and its application.