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Paraffin Embedded Tissue: What Is It?

Paraffin Embedded in Formalin (FFPE) is a tissue sample preservation method that is widely used in various studies. This helps maintain cellular details and the morphology of the tissue sample.

Over the years, it has become the standard storage method due to its cost-effectiveness for long-term room temperature storage compared to frozen tissue, which must be stored at very low temperatures. 

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paraffin-embedded tissue

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Because of these benefits, the pathology department began routinely archiving large volumes of FFPE tissue samples as compared to frozen tissue. This is a valuable resource for many researchers, especially in translational clinical studies.


The process starts when the sample is selected and cut by the patient or donor. Tissue can be collected from non-stick deceased donors, including animals, for animal model studies. After excision, the tissue is immersed in 10% neutral buffered formalin for approximately eighteen to twenty-four hours. 

This step is known as formalin fixation and is important for maintaining vital structures and proteins present in tissues. Upon completion, the tissue was dehydrated with increasing amounts of ethanol concentrate and embedded in the paraffin blocks into FFPE blocks. 

After completion, the paraffin blocks were cut and fixed on the slide which was examined by a certified pathologist to assess sample quality.FFPE samples have been used successfully.