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Tag: Dry flowers

How to Make Dried Flower Arrangements and Wreaths to Give As Gifts

Giving a handmade gift is truly unique and special. When you put your heart into making something for a loved one, it's even more meaningful to them. In the current economy, more families are choosing to forgo gift-giving because of cost issues. 

But with dried flower arrangements and wreaths, you can start giving gifts again! They are cost-effective, can be made as small or as large as you want, and add to anyone's home decor in a way that only flowers can accomplish. Try making an arrangement or wreath for your next gift and watch the appreciative look on your recipient's face. You can also buy dry flowers online via

Wreaths for the front door make the perfect gift for anyone. Simply choose a dramatic color to highlight in the wreath and make the rest a color that reflects nature; greens and browns are perfect. This way, the accent color you'll be using will really pop and add more character to their home's exterior.

Dried flowers can be both decorative and functional. The most fragrant are lavender, chamomile, dried citrus or fruit, rosebuds, and petals, or dried flowers that have been scented with essential oils. These can add a special touch to dried flower arrangements, wreaths, or sachet pouches that you give as gifts. If you're planning to make something for the gift recipient's bedroom, choose relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile. If you're going for a romantic feel, choose roses in either bud or petal form.

No matter what the occasion, dried flowers make the best gift ideas! Surprise someone you love with a vase, wreath, or sachet pouch filled with these amazingly beautiful creations from nature