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CNC Controller – G Code to Motion Conversion

"CNC" in the CNC Controller actually means computer numerical control. It breaks the motion board and controller board. Wherein the one that controls the motion board is through standard PC while Buffer Board centers serial port high speed and have dedicated microcontroller possible to run with CNC equipment that came from the operating system in standard desktop.

Meaning, using the programmed instructions sets the c10 breakout board will be modified to operate for the performance of a specific task. These build commands within the medium storage are encrypted and compared to the machinery pieces which are also controlled mechanically such as operating the handwheel through a lever.

C10 Bidirectional Breakout Board, 6 Axis

During the years 1940 and 1950, the first numerical control equipment was manufactured deriving from the present machine that is remodeled with those motors enabling the operation of operators with the controls. It will be done of course with instructions to be followed from the encoded instructions using paper tape medium.

Then shortly after that, there were modified primitive tools with digital computers and the analog ones which have lead to modern equipment controlled by Computer numerical today.

So now, with the specific application and intention in CNC machines, there is the variation of one particular machine to another. Basically, this is from the fundamentals of CNC introducing to the common benefits out of it.