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Beautiful Soft Baby Blankets

Buying baby gifts is always exciting and probably the best picks are the baby blankets. But how do you go about finding the right one? You need to think about safety, texture, fabrics, weight, sizes, and more.  You can also buy beautiful throw blankets in Australia via


Baby blankets must be made of the softest materials to protect the baby's delicate skin, preferably, cotton or other washable fabric. Some people prefer to dress their babies in wearable blanket pajamas that will keep them warm without risking the babies being tangled up in the blanket. These can have a closed bottom or have feet at the bottom.

Receiving blankets are those perfect-sized blankets made especially for small babies. They are made of very soft, usually cotton or other washable fabric.

They may be just a thick light flannel. Cotton baby blankets abound in color and patterns matching nursery themes. For slightly older babies, you can choose slightly heavier blankets, perhaps a cotton woven design.

Fleece baby blankets are also special because they are lightweight and allow moisture to evaporate through the fabric, keeping the baby dry and warm.

Now you get both breathability and warmth. Flannel is also a commonly used fabric. For babies, it is often a Welsh blend of cotton and silk most of which usually have more cotton than silk.

Whatever your choice is, endeavor to pick a hypo-allergenic product to reduce the risk of a bad reaction from the fabric and ensure you wash it thoroughly before use to eliminate any residual chemicals from the manufacturing process.

Also, you want the blanket to be breathable. Traditional blankets, which are not designed for wrapping babies, may quickly overheat them.