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How To Fix Blocked Drainage Pipe In Mini Split Air Conditioner?

Most people who use air conditioners have a perception about mini split air conditioners that they start to leak after a certain period. You will find many people saying that they had to place a bucket beneath the indoor AC unit. But, nobody is interested in knowing why the indoor unit starts leaking after a certain period. The whole argument boils down to a perception that mini split air conditioners are not reliable, as they have a leakage problem. People fail to realize that the problem occurs due to the lack of maintenance of the air conditioner. If you read the reviews of best mini split air conditioners by consumer reports, then you can buy a reliable product that won’t have the leakage problem we are discussing.

What causes leakage in the indoor unit of mini split air conditioners?

The indoor unit of mini-split leaks due to a blocked drainage pipe. The role of this drainpipe is to allow the condensation from the AC unit to drip down and away from the unit. However, when the drainpipe gets clogged, the water drips from the bottom of the air conditioning unit.

How to unblock the clogged drainage pipe?

You can fix the issue by replacing the drainage pipe. It is not that difficult to replace the pipe and won’t cost much as well. Besides the drainage pipe, you can replace AC filters, clean air vents, and inspect the drain pan.

The problem is not that common, but can still arise if the mini-split AC unit is not properly serviced. So, make sure to take proper care of your mini-split air conditioner to ensure its long-lasting functioning.