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SEO Copywriting Tip For Small Business

SEO Copywriting Tip For Small Business

Many small businesses that invest in SEO content do not get full mileage out of it. Most think in terms of filling their websites with keyword-rich content – and that's it. But, there are several other places your web articles must be distributed so that you get a full return on time and investment.

SEO Copywriting: 3 Points to "flood the Web" With your SEO Content

Top Value Article Directory: There are thousands of free article directories on the web. Do not waste your SEO copywriting skills to craft a very informative article, and then let it languish just on your site.  You can get copywriting for small businesses from

Free Press Release Sites: This is a very good place to distribute free content because they are indexed frequently by search engines. This means your copy shows up more quickly – and can rank high enough if the keyword correctly – in the search results.

An obvious question that comes to mind is, "What if I am not a piece of news releases? I can still submit it to free press release sites?" The answer is yes. Many sites have a free press release article directory.

SEO Copywriting Marketing Tip

If you spend time repurposing a piece for a niche blog or a website, make sure that it has enough traffic to justify the time spent rearranging it.

SEO Copywriting Time-Saving Tip

Your website should be filled with unique content; therefore, you are not going to distribute this same content to other outlets. But, as mentioned above, what you can do is to rewrite any part of the content – the same topic – just rewritten so it does not appear as duplicate content in the search engine.

Placing one version of your site, and distribute other versions for multiple outlets. This saves time and money because you get two pieces of content from one idea.