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Safety Precautions And Disposal Methods Of Polymer Batteries

Safety Precautions And Disposal Methods Of Polymer Batteries

Lithium polymer batteries are innovative rechargeable lithium-based cells. The lithium-polymer battery was designed as an economical and more reliable version for the lithium-ion battery. However, there are some precautions to be observed when using polymer batteries. They are also referred to in the field of lipo cells.

Safety Precautions:

* Do not permit Lithium batteries discharged or charged on or near any combustible material such as vinyl, plastic, paper carpets, leather, wood, in an R/C model, or in a full-sized vehicle.

Don't store the batteries close to an open flame or heater. Never put together Lithium trimer battery packs or batteries that have been pre-assembled with other Lithium cells or packs. 

Only a certified battery assembly business should be able to build or alter LiPo batteries.

* Avoid allowing LiPo cells to become damaged, particularly by metallic objects like screwdrivers, T pins, and hobby knives.

Make sure there is adequate airflow around LiPo batteries during charging, discharge, and storage. If a battery is overheated, immediately, place it in a protected area till it is cool.

* Always keep LiPo packs and cells in a safe area far from children.

Make sure that any metallic items, like wristwatches or rings, are taken away from your fingers when handling lithium polymer batteries. Inadvertently touching the battery terminals with the objects mentioned above could cause the possibility of a short-circuit, and result in serious personal injuries.

* To ensure safety Lithium batteries must be completely removed prior to disposal (however should they be physically damaged, it is not recommended to completely discharge LiPo cells prior to disposal; read on for more details). The batteries should also be at a temperature that is cool before following disposal instructions.