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Role And Meaning Of Non Profit Organizations

Role And Meaning Of Non Profit Organizations

A non-profit organization, also known as NPO, is an organization that uses excess revenues to accomplish its goals. It may distribute these profits or dividends. They can be non-profit corporations, trusts, cooperatives, or informally.

A "Non-profit Organization" can collect large amounts of revenue that must be retained by the organization for its expansion and self preservation. You can consult a non profit organization via

NPOs have trustees, members of the steering committee, and board members who owe an obligation to trust and loyalty. Some have paid staff, including management.

Others employ volunteers or executives who are not paid or receive no compensation. A token fee is charged to cover legal requirements and make a contract between the executive team and the organization.

The purpose of "Non-Profit Organization" is auditing and accountability provisions. Many nations have laws that control the establishment and management of non-profit organizations.

These laws mandate compliance with corporate management rules. The majority of large organizations are required to publicly publish their financial reports, detailing their income and expenses.

There are two main types of non-profit organizations: membership and board-only. A membership organization elects its board, has regular meetings and the power to amend the bylaws.

A board that is self-elected and usually made up of a board-only organization. The membership has powers limited to the ones granted by the board.