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Poly Mailers: Big Advantages, Little Cost

Poly Mailers: Big Advantages, Little Cost

Poly mailers are a popular choice for manufacturers, distributors, and eCommerce. Poly mailers are an excellent choice of packaging for any business, big or small. Poly Mailers make it easy to ship products. Here are the top reasons poly mailers have dominated the packaging market.


Poly mailers are customizable to fit any design or graphic that your company has in mind. You can buy customizable poly bags for freighting from various online sources.

Poly Mailers

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Poly mailers can be purchased at a very affordable price, regardless of how big your business is. A good quality poly mailer will protect your merchandise for almost nothing. You can also save on shipping costs and costs by buying bulk.

Ease of Use:

Poly mailers are easy to use. You can place your product and seal the poly mailer with ease and speed. This allows you to send more products and spend less on fulfillment.


Poly mailers can resist water to protect your merchandise from the elements.


Poly Mailers are made from tear-resistant material. 


Poly mailers can be adapted to fit many types of items. They can bend and flex to fit into smaller spaces, such as mailboxes. 

Tamper Evident:

The adhesive seal on a Poly Mailer will quickly and clearly indicate if the contents have been altered.


Poly mailers weigh in at a very lightweight, which helps to keep shipping costs down.


Poly mailers may be equipped with a second piece of adhesive tape and a removable liner. This will allow you to seal the package again after it has been opened for the first time.