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Information About Aviation Regulations Services

Information About Aviation Regulations Services

Flight regulations and regulations continue to change. To help you stay legal, in compliance, and in the knowing, here are some of the latest FAA’s national headlines in the news that the pilot and operator base must know.

FAA released new documents about general flight security. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has just released a comprehensive fact sheet on general flight security. You can get the best flight crew licenses for aircraft aviation registry.

FAA takes another view on the requirements for the cargo pilot safety regulations. The verdict of the Faa’s exhaustion last year was only applied to the commercial airline pilots and excluded cargo operations. Airlines and cargo pilots are asked to comply with new rest regulations just voluntarily.

FAA released a report on the benefits of public flights. Also in May, the FAA released a study entitled, “General Flight Airport: National Assets.” This report is the result of an 18-month study with state aviation agencies, flight associations, flight users groups, airport directors, airport authorities, airport planners, academics, local government agents.

FAA hopes that information will be more educable to the public about the importance of gas to the community, the economic and flight industry, and helping the FAA, the Aeronautics Agency of the State, and Airport Sponsor made a planning decision.

The FAA proposes the co-pilot to fly 1,500 hours for commercial airlines. The captain must have fulfilled that threshold, but the current co-pilot only needs 250 hours to fly for airlines. Co-pilots also require a special “rating type” for aircraft that they plan to fly, similar to other needs that apply to the captain