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How to Handle and Treat Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

How to Handle and Treat Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Separation anxiety basically means increased fear and anxiety in a dog or puppy when separated from its owner. Symptoms can include increased depression, inappropriate behavior, sudden excitement, and more. Therefore, to overcome this problem, make sure to take care of your pet so that it remains disciplined even if you are alone at home.

Common signs of the problem include barking, whining, crying, scratching, and even defecating around the house. However, the intensity of depression varies from case to case. To make sure your dog is happy and cheerful at all times, involve him in certain activities so that he is never unhappy when left alone. Now the question that arises here that how to handle separation anxiety in dogs?

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How to deal with depression?

Pets need love and affection. The slightest sign that they are left alone makes them feel abandoned and lonely. Introduce your dog to a new kennel in your home. Leave the front door open so he can see you from afar. Let him sleep in it for a while during the day. 

Then he will see you when he wakes up. Try this a few times. Then insisted that he retire to sleep in the cage for the night. This way he will find a safe place where he can be alone without fear of being left alone.

If your dog notices that you leave him alone during the day and feels depressed; then practice certain effective techniques to relieve his anxiety. Be prepared to leave the house dressed and then stay behind. He may whine and bark to see your movements, but continue the process for a while until he gets used to it.