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How To Detect If You Have Breast Cancer Or Not?

How To Detect If You Have Breast Cancer Or Not?

Many women suffer from breast cancer. Many women are not even aware that they have this ailment. Some are ashamed to even talk about this. Breast cancer, if left untreated can prove to be life-threatening. 

There are many women who went for the treatment at the right time and now they are leading a normal life. You can go to this website to get complete details about the breast treatment process.

Following are some of the ways to find out if you have breast cancer or not:

  • After you take off your lingerie, uplift your right hand. With the left palm, press on your breast to see if there are any lumps or not. 
  • When you sleep flat on your tummy, do you find that there is pain in your breast? Pay attention to this.
  • Skin irritation and dimpling are other signs.
  • Pain in the nipple is another one.
  • At times, there may be a discharge from the nipple as well.

If you are experiencing all or any one of these symptoms, you should go and get yourself tested. Don't wait for the lump to appear. Timely checkups and treatment can make all the difference. When you detect something unusual or offbeat you should visit a breast cancer surgeon.