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How To Decorate Your Room With Striped rug

How To Decorate Your Room With Striped rug

Striped rug

Rugs are large enough to cover most of the floor in various room sizes. Stripes in two primary color hues or a range of colors are featured. Rugs can bring a space together and appear more coherent while also giving extra warmth to cold bare floors.Striped rug come in various textures and materials and may be used inside or outdoors. There are a few things to consider while decorating with striped area rugs because of their diversity in simplicity. Let’s have a look at it right now.

Themes in Interior Design

Rugs go nicely with a wide range of interior design concepts. Striped carpets, such as Mid-Century Modern, can benefit modern settings with a minimalist design since the pattern can bring a bit of drama to the environment. The clean lines will enhance the room’s appearance. Like our coastal area rugs, striped rugs may complement rooms with beach or nautical themes, especially when they contain blue and white stripes. A carpet with grey stripes flowing in opposite directions can be used in a traditional or contemporary home. This design style is typical in shag area rugs, and it may give the space a soothing feel. Furthermore, abstract striped area rugs work well in various locations where art is on exhibit.

Decorating Concepts

When decorating with striped area rugs, bear in mind that the lines provide depth to the space and, depending on the size of the stripes, make the room appear larger. Stripes may help create a more expansive atmosphere in smaller areas. Monochromatic stripes are a delicate design that doesn’t overpower smaller rooms. When designing with striped area rugs in the bedroom, place a striped area rug at the foot of the bed to add a modern rhythm. The carpet should cover most dining room floors if you guarantee that the dining table and chairs stand out. Finally, if you’re going to utilize a rug, don’t use too many different designs and patterns in the space. Too many ways might lend too much drama to the mix of photos, causing them to conflict.

Color of the rug

To avoid too much contrast when decorating with rugs, the colors on the area rug must fit the color scheme of the room you choose to utilize it in. If you plan on changing the decor in the space frequently, stick to classic hues like black and white to create a timeless design that won’t date in the future.

Horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes can also make a small space appear larger. If you’re decorating a lengthy corridor, go for a rug with broad, chunky stripes to make the space feel bigger. Choose an area rug with horizontal lines to draw the eye downward and lower a high ceiling in the room.


Choose a rug with various stripes going in all directions if the room appears too robust and needs a touch of playfulness. Striped rugs in warm colors like orange, tan, and avocado can also be used to add contrast to dark hardwood floors. Shop for striped rugs at Choose an area rug with pastel stripes to complement the floor’s neutral color shade if your floors are light.