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How To Care For Your Automatic Pool Covers

How To Care For Your Automatic Pool Covers

Check water levels. The water level should be mid-skimmer level. Too much water can flood the system. Low water will cause more sag, putting more strain on the cover, especially when large loads of water, snow, or debris accumulate.

Debris, snow, and water must be removed immediately to avoid damage to reel components and liner caused by excess strain. A telescopic pole and brush can remove excess debris or snow. For water accumulation, place a cover pump on the cover to pump the water off.

Automatic pool covers or automatic pool enclosures must be cleaned every 3-6 months. Over time, your cover is exposed to water from your pool. The sun then dries out the water, leaving a chemical residue. Leftover residue can result in a reduced lifespan of the cover.

Reel out and clean your cover in sections; one at a time. Apply detergent, brush lightly, spray down with a garden hose and remove excess water with a cover pump.

Spray reel components with Teflon-based lubricant every season to make sure components are running smoothly. This will prevent wear on moving parts.

Clean the motor housing once a year and inspect the track to make sure it’s secure. Tighten any loose areas as needed.

Check periodically for rips or tears in your cover. Patch kits are available and should be used immediately, as holes can compromise the safety of the cover.

After adding chemicals to your pool, leave your cover open (off) for two hours. This will prevent premature aging of your cover.