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Different Types of Asbestos

Different Types of Asbestos

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Asbestos is a soft fluffy looking material when observed during its natural state. During its natural state, asbestos offers certain characteristics like highly resistant to heat, electricity, chemical corrosion and more. In fact, it was these characteristics that defined the popularity of asbestos to be widely used in the construction industry. However, the popularity of asbestos was for short-lived after researchers and experts found out the harmful health impact it had on humans. Asbestos as a material is still present today and is capable of entering our body via the nose and mouth. Since asbestos was popular in the early days, it was due to these types.

  1. Amosite – The amosite is a type of asbestos that is usually found in cement sheets, ceilings, insulation products etc. Brown asbestos is another popular name asbestos is known for.
  2. Chrysotile – After amosite is the chrysotile which is an asbestos type found on the surface of the roofs, walls, ceilings and floors of a structure. In fact, the chrysotile is the most popular type of asbestos.
  3. Crocidolite – The crocidolite was a popular asbestos type that played a key role for traditional steam engine as a form of protection. Moreover, cements, pipe insulation and plastic materials also got protection from this asbestos.
  4. Tremolite and Actinolite – In this category, these 2 would be the least popular types of asbestos. The reason behind their least popularity was due to their ability to contaminate asbestos like chrysotile, vermiculture etc.

These were probably the most common types of asbestos. In the region of Newcastle, asbestos removal is still regarded as the first thing to do if you spot one from a professional.