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Canvas Prints Vs Posters – Why Canvas Prints Are Better

Canvas Prints Vs Posters – Why Canvas Prints Are Better

For anyone who is a fan of poster art and likes larger photo displays and other favorite memorabilia, you've probably already started thinking about canvas prints. Of course, in some circles, many of the painters and other artists are not very happy with canvas prints, as they offer a way to have a beautiful piece of art cheaper than a painting, but the canvas keeps gaining speed. Many people who used to love posters are starting to turn to canvas prints. If you want to purchase the best large custom canvas prints visit

But why would people who love posters and other larger artworks turn to canvas prints? Well, cost insurance is not one of those problems, posters still cost less as canvas prints are a better quality product, and the materials to create them are more expensive. You won't find a poster for the same price as a printed canvas. However, it does not cost that is changing people.

If you think about the different materials that are used to make posters and canvases, you will see a huge difference. Canvas prints stretched around a solid frame that will stand up to years and years of use. The frame is actually part of the canvas print and therefore not something that is wrapped around the photo to preserve it. Posters, on the other hand, are typically framed to last a few years, and you can never really be sure how sturdy the framing is. Canvas frames are very sturdy, especially since the canvas stretches over them and is very easy to hang.

Take a look at the inks that are used on posters and the inks that are used on canvas. They are so different that it is almost like night and day. Since the paper doesn't last long anyway, printers won't use very expensive inks that make colors and lines pop. Canvas printers know that they are made to last for hundreds of years and use inks that will last that long and still stay beautiful.