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An Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising

An Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC or Pay per click advertising is a digital advertising model used to drive the traffic to a website in which advertisers pay a fee each time when their ad is clicked by an online user. In other words, it's a way to buy visits to your website inorganically.

You can hire a reputable pay-per-click (PPC) advertising company in Toronto to help you set up a productive PPC campaign for your business. Whether you seek professional help or not, it is wise to plan your goals before actually launching your PPC campaign.

Here are the steps for setting up a PPC campaign:

  • Set your goals. Are you creating a campaign with motives such as increasing sales, increasing interest in your website, or driving more signups?

  • Decide which search engine you want to promote and create an account. Of all the leading search engines, Google AdWords is the most popular among businesses.

  • Work on keywords that online customers will type in search engines when searching for your company's products or services.

  • Set bids for other keywords and set a budget based on your preferences.

  • Write and link ads to your specific pages on the website. The pages of this website are designed to allow online customers to shop conveniently.

Once you have a PPC campaign, you need to monitor it closely and constantly.