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All You Need To Know About The Magsafe Technology

All You Need To Know About The Magsafe Technology

MagSafe, a magnetic technology developed by Apple, is integrated into the iPhone 12's internal design. MagSafe was originally created to protect MacBook charging cords. It was later integrated into the iPhone 12 to provide a new range of accessories that can be attached quickly and wirelessly charged. 

MagSafe is a set of magnets that are placed around the iPhone 12's inner charging coil. They sense compatible MagSafe accessories and snap seamlessly and securely into their place. MagSafe can only be attached to compatible MagSafe accessories.

A MagSafe charger, as well as other accessories, will allow you to fully utilize the features of iPhone 12 and provide new experiences. Today you can easily buy MagSafe wireless charger & accessories for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

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Your new iPhone can still be used with other Qi-enabled wireless charging devices, but chargers with MagSafe deliver wireless charging speeds up to 15W when paired with an iPhone 12. 

Other wireless chargers only deliver 7.5W. This means that you will spend less time charging and your phone will be fully charged if it vibrates during an incoming call.

The MagSafe snap-on attachment allows for wireless charging to be made more efficient and faster. It creates fun accessories like magnetic car vents and fitness mounts, face trackers, power banks, and magnet car vents.

Products which bear the "Made for MagSafe” badge, means that they have been rigorously tested and developed to MFi guidelines. They are optimized for iPhone 12 and wireless chargers with MagSafe charging faster at up to 15W.

Other magnetic accessories that meet industry standards are "MagSafe compatible". They still offer the convenience and precision associated with snap-on attachment using a magnet ring. However, they don't have MagSafe technology inside. Wireless chargers can only charge at 7.5W.