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All You Need To Know About Pallets

All You Need To Know About Pallets

A pallet is typically a form of tertiary packaging. It is a flat structure that serves as a base to unitize goods within the supply chain. Pallets are used for stacking, transporting, and protecting materials. They can be handled by material handling equipment like pallet jacks or conveyors. 

The most commonly used base for a unit load is the pallet. It includes goods that are stacked on top of it. They are typically secured with stretch wrap, strapping or adhesive. You can also hop over to this website if you want to buy timber pallets.

TImber Pallets

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Expendable or Reusable

One important distinction in a website devoted to reusable packaging is the difference between durable or reusable pallets and expendable or one-use pallets.

Pallet Materials

Pallets can be made from many materials. Wood pallets are the most popular on the market, offering excellent value in terms of price and performance. Wood pallets are a strong material that can be easily fabricated into various sizes. Other materials can also be used to make pallets. 

Wood composite Pallets are also exempt from ISPM 15. They are a stiff, affordable product that can be easily recycled and are nestable to increase cube utilization during transport and storage.

Pallet Style

The pallet style refers to features such as a single face or double (either one or both the top and bottom sides can be used for the top deck) and non-reversible (having top or bottom deck, but only one is intended for the top deck).