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All about Major Hemorrhoids Types and Their Symptoms

All about Major Hemorrhoids Types and Their Symptoms

What are the indicators to tell that you're suffering from hemorrhoids? And are there different forms of treatment for each type of hemorrhoid? These are crucial questions to be answered if you are trying to determine how to manage hemorrhoids.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Hemorrhoids - Causes,Symptoms & Remedies

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Internal Hemorrhoid:

The internal hemorrhoid is one most likely to rupture which can result in bleeding in the toilet after making a bowel motion or blood in the toilet poop. It's quite terrifying to see blood but don't worry as this is quite common. 

There is no need to be worried if it persists for more than a couple of weeks or does not respond to a natural remedy for hemorrhoids. If it continues to go on, seek out a physician immediately. 

External Hemorrhoid:

The name implies that external hemorrhoid occurs located outside of the anal canal, or, in other words, it is likely to sense it near the entrance of your anus. It's likely to feel a tiny, extremely tender lump that is painful to the touch, and maybe itchy from clothing or while cycling, walking as well as running (just living and living!). 

A Thrombosed Hemorrhoid:

If the lump on your stomach is painful and causes intense pain when walking or sitting in a chair, it could be a hemorrhoid that has a thrombosis. The lumps don't cause bleeding, but they can be intensely painful.

Fissure Hemorrhoid:

If you have only just a little bit of blood on your paper, but you have a huge amount of pain in the apex of your anus then you could suffer from a fissure hemorrhoid. They are extremely painful.