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7 Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

7 Tips for Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes management is essential for your health.

You run the risk of getting sores on your feet that can lead to infection or even amputation. For diabetic foot care services, you can also consult a family podiatrist in Baltimore, MD.

These 7-foot care tips can help reduce your chances of infection and amputation.

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1) Make sure to check your feet every day, especially if your feet are sensitive or numb. You could end up with problems such as amputations from cuts, grazes, or sores.

2) Avoid walking around naked, even indoors. It is easy to trip on something, stub your feet, and get cut. Stockings/socks can protect your feet.

3) Avoid contact with anyone who has calluses or corns. Talk to your doctor or podiatrist about the best ways to take care of them.

4) Always wash your feet in warm water, not hot. Don't soak your feet, even if you have been standing for a while. This could dry out your skin and cause cracks or sores.

5) Dry your feet thoroughly, particularly between your toes. These natural moisture traps can cause all kinds of problems if they are left damp or wet.

6) Get up and move your feet and legs regularly. You can move your legs and ankles even when you are sitting. All these activities help keep your feet healthy and increase blood circulation.

7) Have your feet checked at least once per year for any signs of sensitivity. This can be done when your annual check-up is completed for AC1 levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose over a 3-month period.